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Total body photography (also known as full body imaging, or total body imaging) has become an area of growing interest in the world of dermatology due to its ability to photograph patients with a large number of spots/moles or those at a greater risk of developing skin cancer.

Harness the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

• The most advanced system for capturing, storing and analysing total body images to evaluate skin conditions
• Automatically map any lesions to your personal 3D Body Map
• Accessible, Affordable and reliable imaging
• Automatic Lesion recognition
• Intelligent spot mapping to 3D body map
• Images can be saved to USB drive for you to take with you

Dermengine MoleMap utilizes intelligent algorithms to identify all spots within an image and transfer them directly to a patient’s corresponding 3D Body Map. The purpose of this feature is to streamline imaging times while ensuring that no spots are missed in what is a typically laborious and extensive process for the early detection of skin cancer.

This is extremely valuable as it ensures patients receive quality imaging upon initial visits while being recorded in a centralized, accessible, intuitive location on a body map.
Using TBP allows Skinetics Skin Cancer Clinic Doctors to identify changes to your skin over time to support the early detection of skin cancer and other conditions. When you add a subsequent total body image, the algorithm will automatically prioritize all lesions based on amount of change.

TBP is designed to help you notice changes over time, detected lesions will be paired in the viewing screen and sorted based on amount of change:
1. Purple: Change Detected
2. Blue: Possible Change Detected
3. Grey: No Change Detected

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When you have your first assessment this is a 'baseline' set of photos.At your next appointment a second set of photos is taken. They are then compared and analysed by the inbuilt software within the Total Body Photography system.

The computer maps each mole and identifies it as either:

1. Stable Mole present before - ie no change.
2. New Mole not present before.
3. Changed mole (A mole present on the last scan, that has changed).

This assists the doctor by identifying the moles that need closer examination. The Total Body Photography is part of our holistic skin cancer detection service. You will need to have a skin check at the same time as your initial Total Body Photography and in follow up visits as discussed with your doctor

On the day our Nursing staff will show you into our Total Body Photography room. Here you will disrobe to your underwear and designated photos will be taken. Total body photography takes 10-15 minutes. A skin check will be booked for your Doctor to analyse the images as a part of your routine skin check. Repeat scans are recommended at 6-12 months depending on risk.

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